How To Beat Burnout: Practical Advice From 25 Experts


If there is one thing in life that’s true for almost every person you’re likely to know, it’s that it is fast-paced, ever-moving, and beyond overwhelming most of the time. For this, a question that’s often top of mind is: How to Beat Burnout ?

It’s one I often think about. It is one of the reasons the [no hustle] sprang to life in the first place — as well as the book that inspired it, Beyond The Pale.

It’s tough to find balance… it is tough to feel like you are on top… it is tough to simultaneously feel enough and strive to grow, progress, and achieve your goals.

We do, after all, live during a truly abundant period.

For most of us, the barriers are low to enter and do almost anything we want.

We can gather insight and unlock knowledge in almost any topic…

We wish to take advantage of that; to thrive, not simply survive. Yet it’s a tricky path to meander and one that often leads to BURNOUT.

although that in itself isn’t an easy subject to define.

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      defining burnout in today’s hustle-culture world

      How to beat burnout? Forget that… how about: what is burnout?

      Do a little googling and you’ll soon see it’s loosely defined as:

      a state of complete mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion.

      But what does that mean?

      Are we talking about being a little tired, but still able to wake up, get through another day, and have enough leftover to be a good partner, parent, sibling, and friend … or is it so tired you simply cannot function in any meaningful way?

      Because we’re all tired, right?

      But does that mean we are all suffering burnout?

      In a way, yes … but in another way, no.

      That’s what this article is for, to help you 1) better understand the deeper meaning of burnout (and its more nuanced impact), and to then 2) appreciate your place in its ever-evolving spectrum.

      Because this is not binary; it is a spectrum.

      YOU move up and down it at all times, ebbing and flowing your way through life. 

      Sometimes for the better, other times not.

      Yet the constant at all times is that YOU are living YOUR life.

      Just as the experts I introduce you to below are, who share their thoughts on BURNOUT, adding to the commentary that this mere writer writes.

      It’s hoped at least some of their advice speaks to you … indeed, inspire you to take the action you need to take.

      So let’s begin, starting with some wise words from Mr Mitch Joel …

      How To Beat Burnout: Go for a daily walk. Even if it’s just around the block. Fresh air… natural light… If you can, add a minute every day until it starts becoming a part of your day. If you can walk in nature, all the better. Just get up… and move… motion is lotion. Promise.


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      Pay attention to the early signs of burnout. A mistake we often make is to believe that we will be able to push through. It’s this repeated ‘pushing through’ despite the signals sent by our body and our brain that leads to burnout. Taking a break can feel counterintuitive when we are drowning with work, but it’s the best step you can take to mindfully maintain your long-term productivity and creativity.


      delve deeper ↔

      The same playbook I was using just didn’t work. I had gone from multiple projects hitting the 7-figure mark to struggling to make the next leap. It would have been easy to go back to what used to work but then it felt like my soul was dying a little bit each day. When I hit one of the lowest points, it took a hard reset and experimenting with these 9 concepts to move from burn out to breakthrough.


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      5 ways burnout goes deeper than you think

      We’re all tired. Not just physically and mentally, struggling to keep pace with work life, home life, parent life, etc…

      But emotionally, and, indeed, spiritually as we’re bombarded with content, messages, distractions, and stimulation at all times.

      We don’t get much time to just sit and think.

      and when we do, we struggle to deal with the sound of silence.

      So what do we do? We distract ourselves with a phone, laptop, doom scrolling, videos we don’t need in our life, and books, podcasts, articles, and on and on…

      Sure, it’s easy to see burnout as exhaustion due to work and all the responsibilities you have. Yet in the same way Hustle Culture digs its roots deeper than long work days, burnout in today’s fast-paced world is much, much more nuanced.

      Here are just some of the ways burnout goes deeper than you think:

      1: stimulation overload

      Life used to be simpler. Still busy and chaotic, but less so compared to today.

      Fewer messages. Less content. Little choice (compared to now).

      When you think about it, we are the same bags of meat we were ten thousand years ago. We haven’t evolved all that much. But society… yeah, that’s developed!

      A LOT!!!

      As an animal, we can’t handle all the videos, interactions, content, and more. We struggle to take it all in, often leading us to take nothing in.

      passively existing and scrolling through a newsfeed for no reason at all.

      Each day… every hour…almost every single second, we’re stimulated by small spikes of dopamine that add up and take their toll.

      It leaves us physically and mentally tired, sure, but more so… existentially

      Burned out to our core, even if we get lots of sleep and rest.

      2: decision overload

      All this stimulation leads to decision after decision after decision.

      Each one requires energy: from the mind, body, and spirit.

      Life is complex as it is, which is why from a young age we form patterns. We cannot process each piece of data, so we form perceptions and narratives to guide us.

      But this doesn’t just happen when we’re kids.

      It continues throughout life as we try to simplify EVERYTHING around us.

      It is this that leads to so many of those passive habits (oh, hey, doom scrolling). We cannot handle all the decisions we have to make (big and small), so we numb ourselves with activities that allow inaction.

      apps, platforms, and tools that thrive off of active inaction!

      How To Beat Burnout: I absolutely love to walk. Looking back at all the different places that I have lived, one of the first things I did when I arrived was to find a place that I could go walk or hike that felt peaceful to me. Some of my personal favorites were Minto-Brown Island Park in Salem, Oregon; Lake Tahoe Rim Trail on top of Mt. Rose outside of Reno, Nevada; and Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Not only was I getting exercise, but I was also coming up with lots of creative ideas at the same time. I even practiced my TEDx presentation while hiking. Moving my body and being out in nature really helped me internalize, memorize and be totally present with it. While out walking I love how everything slows down. I pay attention to the flowers, trees, and everything else I come across. It’s a great way to practice the art of being present. It’s also a great way to continue to introduce beauty and gratitude daily. Taking a moment for myself while out hiking or walking has always been medicine for staving off burnout.


      delve deeper ↔

      First, take a knee. Burnout feels like it will never go away. Sometimes that’s just because we’re exhausted and overwhelmed. It’s always okay to take A knee and catch your breath (better that than throwing in the towel and counting yourself out). Second, keep pressing. Ask yourself, how can you do this faster? How can you do this with more ease? How can you do this with more joy? What could you test or try that might be fun, interesting, or exciting? A lot of time, burnout is just boredom mixed without a big enough return on investment. So before you quit, try out new things that might get you a bigger ROI (or at least remove the boredom so you can get there eventually).


      delve deeper ↔

      Focus on productivity rather than time spent working. We spend far too much time obsessing about hours worked, wearing long hours as a medal, rather than looking at what we have achieved in any given period. I begin the day with a clear list of tasks, the completion of which will mean the day has been productive. If I achieve more, that’s well and good, but if I complete my list that is equally fine. This gives me the scope to listen to my body and look after myself – going for a walk or for some other exercise, or even having a siesta if needed, without feeling guilty. I do work late evenings and weekends when I need to, but not as a matter of course and definitely not to make me feel good about how diligent I am.

      delve deeper ↔

      3: choice overload

      The decisions we have to make are nearly endless, yet so are the choices placed in front of us.

      We could be this person…

      We could be that one…

      We could do this…

      We could do that…

      Again, we cannot handle it. It’s too much. We’re just simple, slowly evolving humans that cannot possibly keep pace with society’s relentless and exponential race — at best, we can do just enough to keep up and not lose our sanity.

      Yet it never stops. Each day, each hour of each day… you have to choose from a long buffet of choices. You don’t have time to properly understand each one. You don’t have the energy. So you just act, often on a subconscious level.

      Once more, bit by bit, it burns you out in a way you cannot fully comprehend.

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      4: abundance overload

      This period we live in, as great and prosperous as it is… it’s just too much.

      Sure, abundance is great. Yes, having low barriers to entry is amazing. It’s wonderful how (at least in theory), many of us can become almost anyone we desire. The theory that drives all this is great!

      Yet in theory, that’s often the case.

      In reality, it’s usually not.

      The same applies to abundance; it comes at a cost.

      Because if you can be anyone, it’s harder to accept who you are.

      Even if you have your dream job, you want a dreamier one.

      Your relationship may be great, but maybe a better one is out there.

      You achieve yet another goal, but there are so many more to pursue.

      Simply put… abundance is great until it isn’t.

      How To Beat Burnout: I guess the advice would be different pertaining to whether the person has a deadline or not – I don’t have ‘strict’ deadlines a lot of the time, although sometimes I do, but when I don’t I still pressure myself to be productive and get things done. But then I remind myself that if I’m attempting to work while I’m burnt out, the actual output of my work is going to suffer anyway. Having some rest is a good thing, and I think we forget that. We’re so indoctrinated by capitalism and hustle culture that we think we should be productive constantly – specifically people like Gary Vee – whose advice is to basically “DO EVERYTHING”. Make ALL the content, do ALL the podcasts. But that approach would *not* work for me. Yet he sells it like it’s the best approach for everyone. There is no ‘scientifically proven’ morning routine to make you optimally productive, people say there’s certain hacks to sell you books and get youtube views. Just do what works for you! You might also learn some things that help you stay more focussed when you are working (such as meditation) so that you can finish your work day feeling like you’ve done enough to earn a good rest. One of the biggest regrets of people on their death beds is spending their life working too much, and trying to please others rather than themselves. If you genuinely feel like you *have* to work to the point you’re burning yourself out, perhaps you’re saying “yes” to too many things. The answer might be to just pick one thing, and focus on getting better at that.


      delve deeper ↔

      If you find yourself constantly overcommitting, staying too busy, or compulsively filling gaps in time with distractions, ask yourself what you’re avoiding. It could be that you’re avoiding a feeling, a task, a hard conversation, or a hard action that you need to take. In my experience, burnout can be related to the constant avoidance of feeling our real feelings.


      delve deeper ↔

      Get off the internet. An hour. A day. A weekend. A few days. Social media as a minimum, but ideally all of it. You will immediately feel better.


      delve deeper ↔

      5: comparison overload

      One of the most toxic aspects of modern-day life is our inescapable imprisonment of comparison culture

      Back in the day, you only compared yourself to neighbors, co-workers, and the occasional celebrity you’d see on TV or in magazines.

      Today, you scroll through a few hundred lives each hour.

      Each time, getting an (edited) glimpse into how wonderful they are.

      They are better looking.

      More successful.


      More stable and in control…

      None of it is true, of course. They, like you, are imperfect, suffer countless problems, and battle insecurity throughout the day. But because you see a snapshot of “perfection”, it’s easy to Compare You vs Them = they are better!

      All this (and more) is what leads to burnout.

      Not just the sort of exhaustion you can measure, and not the sort of exhaustion you can overcome with a good night’s sleep (or a long vacation in a sunny paradise).

      Burnout, in this sense, is a fog that hangs over you each day.

      just there, clouding your judgment, feelings, and ability to think, act, and live.

      What’s worse, the things we were taught to supposedly overcome stuff like burnout not only do not help… they push you further into its filthy grasp.

      the dangers of work/life balance (hint: it’s a lie!)

      We were told that if we pursued (and found) work-life balance, we’d be okay.

      We would live a good life.

      We would enjoy “the good life”.

      Maybe it was attainable, once upon a time; a time when you went into an office, left your work at the office, and had less “stuff” you could do at home.

      But today … for most people? Come on!

      Between email, social media, remote working, Zoom catch-ups, and everything else, we rarely leave work at work. At best, we find the discipline to not go overboard and lose ourselves to the chaos.

      But to some degree, we’re all at the mercy of today’s blurred lines of life.

      How To Beat Burnout: My tip for burnout would be the same advice I give for procrastination. Break it down, baby! We procrastinate and also burnout, because it’s all too much. I break down my goals into teeny, tiny tasks and do them on a consistent basis until it’s done. So, if a friend was asking me for help with burnout, my first question would be, “What is your goal?” The second question would be, “What is the next small step to get you there?”


      delve deeper ↔

      Develop- horse sense- the ability to say “neigh” or not now… Reward yourself when you do this. Boundary setting is critical.


      delve deeper ↔

      As a professional speaker whose career has spanned over 40 years, I can assure you, I’ve heard the voices of burnout. They can start as a whisper: “This one really does matter all that much – they’ve never seen you before – good will be good enough.” The fact is, some presentations are more important than others. Some presentations are easier than others. Some are more emotional than others. But they all count the same. Those voices can hide in your subconscious, but the moment they move to the conscious mind, the choice is yours; you can choose to listen or not listen. I’m one who believes there is no negotiation between getting by, and doing your best. In fact, I’ve gotten used to not listening to those voices. In the movie, “A Beautiful Mind,” Professor John Nash is asked about the tormenting and self-deprecating things he sees and hears. He responds by saying, “I’ve gotten used to ignoring them and I think, as a result, they’ve kind of given up on me. I think that’s what it’s like with all our dreams and our nightmares… we’ve got to keep feeding them for them to stay alive.” We all hear the negative voices of burnout, but there are positive voices you can you choose to listen to as well. These are the voices that remind you that burnout is part of the human condition, and a part of being alive. Oh, and there’s one more word that can help you ignore those voices, and keep burnout at bay; pride.


      delve deeper ↔

      The pursuit of work-life balance is a dangerous one.

      Not just because of the blurred lines, but because it forces you to see life as plural.

      Yet this is not the case.

      You get one life; not two, three, or ten!

      Despite this, many of us try to be “this” person in “this” setting, “that” person in “that” one, and some “other” human in all those “other” situations.

      We hop from here to there, wearing one mask after another, diluting ourselves to the point where many of us struggle to appreciate who the real ME is.

      This is not how to live life.

      There is no right way to live life, of course, but whatever it is, it’s not that.

      The pursuit of work-life balance is toxic!

      Not just for the split personality it creates, but because it forces you to Compare You to Them even more than you would if you didn’t pursue such balance.

      Because those people you come across seem to have it figured out.

      They seem more balanced.

      More healthy.

      More “with it”.

      And you… well, you’re in your head 24/7; all you know is how confused, fragile, and unsure you are; the fact they aren’t makes them better than you.

      … which brings us back to comparison culture, and its evil role in burnout ??

      the toxic role COMPARISON plays in burnout

      Today, you WILL compare yourself to someone else.

      Conscious or not, you will.

      and if not another, then a different version of YOU.

      a past version, maybe, who you look back on and smile.

      OR a future version you desire to be; wiser and more successful.

      There’s no escaping this. I sense we humans have done it from the offset; a trait that separates us from the pack … positive in the sense that it drives creativity, ambition, and progression….

      yet a negative due to the greed, delusion, and selfishness it ignites.

      The problem is that in today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected, and overwhelming world, it’s easier to lose yourself in this than at any other point in history.

      Each scroll of the finger plunges you deeper, and when you rinse and repeat this throughout the day (every day!) … it adds up and racks up a rather large debt.

      How To Beat Burnout: Having worked with many high performers and achievers over the past 25 years, I can tell you that every single one of them has experienced burnout (or does). I too have experienced it multiple times. I always like to remind others that where there are priorities, there will be imbalances. In other words, when working towards something big, your priorities (like the work you need to put in) will take over some of the other things in your life, such as your health. Remember that success always comes at a price. 


      delve deeper ↔

      One of the biggest reasons for burnout is overwork. Excessive job demands can overtax your system, leaving you feeling fatigued and stressed. If that sounds like you, then try these three tactics:

      1. Master the art of the polite no. Get comfortable with saying “I would love to help you, but I don’t have the bandwidth to take this on.”
      2. Negotiate for time. If you can’t decline something, then negotiate the timeline for delivery. For example, “I can’t deliver tomorrow…but I could get it done by early next week.”
      3. Negotiate for more resources. Have an honest conversation with your boss about your workload. Your boss will either step in to help lower work demands. Or, at the very least, they’ll be less likely to keep piling more work your way.

      delve deeper ↔

      Learn to be ok with the discomfort of saying No. I believe most of us are actually good at saying No to the things that are not healthy for us, that we need to cut down or out, the people who drain us, the foods that make us sick – but we are terrible of dealing with the discomfort of the feelings that come with saying no. The shame, and guilt and “I should have”. Learn to accept and deal with the discomfort. You will feel so much more peace in knowing it is absolutely ok to put yourself first. Because every No you say to someone or something else – you say Yes to yourself!


      delve deeper ↔

      This is why BURNOUT is so dangerous and this is why it’s more layered than we give it credit for.

      Yes, there’s the obvious and easy-to-measure impact it has on our health, mental wellbeing, and relationships.

      It isn’t to say that side of burnout isn’t important because it IS!

      But it only represents part of the puzzle; there are many more pieces to consider.

      Getting exercise, optimizing your sleep, eating a healthy diet, and creating clear boundaries between your work, personal growth, and time with your family helps.

      Yet all this does is remove the weeds from the garden.

      To get to the roots, you need to dig much deeper.

      How To Beat Burnout: The most effective way to avoid and overcome burnout I’ve found is to constantly be testing and experimenting with new ideas and processes. To the extent your work allows it, I find this keeps things new and fresh, even if the broad picture remains the same. It’s like the old adage of taking a different route on your commute or working from a different location — it makes it just different enough to kick your brain out of autopilot and hopefully spark some new creativity.


      delve deeper ↔

      Schedule time to do a braindump. Seriously, make this appointment just as important as any other appointment you would host throughout the week. Also, make sure you schedule this ‘one-hour braindump’, during your regular work week. All you need is a pen and paper or, if you are on your computer, turn off all notifications, pull up a notepad to perform your braindump. Best practices based on what I’ve learned is to just start writing down things you are thinking about that are holding you back. Don’t write long paragraphs; rather, short sentences. One word/phrases are even better.


      delve deeper ↔

      Working a lot or work hard does not lead to burnout. Working a lot or working hard without a purpose leads to burnout. Working a lot or working hard with a purpose leads to fulfillment.


      delve deeper ↔

      how to beat burnout in 5 simple steps …

      There’s no simple solution to burnout’s burden.

      When the roots run deep, it takes time and effort to dig them up, let alone remove them — and to an extent, there is no escaping BURNOUT in this age we live in.

      … in the same way there’s no real escape of The Hustle.

      But there are steps you can take to regain control…

      1: understand your reality

      If there’s one thing I hope you take from this article, it’s how burnout is more nuanced than we’re led to believe.

      Even if you are healthy, get good sleep, and set great boundaries, you are, to some extent, in burnout’s grasp.

      Your first step is to understand in what way.

      Too often, we get caught up in the process; get all excited and come up with a plan.

      Yet all that’s pointless unless you appreciate where you are.


      Now you know how deep burnout goes, how does it relate to you?

      Where on the spectrum do you currently reside?

      dive into the book people are calling “The Alchemist meets Silicon Valley” … read/listen to the first few chapters (for free) now

      dive into the book people are calling “The Alchemist meets Silicon Valley” … read/listen to the first few chapters (for free) now

      How To Beat Burnout: I’m very big on celebrating sucesses. It can prevent burnout when you reflect on how hard work leads to results. Then it motivates you to strive for that next mileston.


      delve deeper ↔

      Practice gratitude for everything. Start your morning with a 20-minute meditation and focus on expressing gratitude for 5 things. You might find you end up thanking hundreds of things, which will put you in an elevated state for your day. Accept and appreciate suffering–recognize that it’s temporary, and you’re evolving. Despite the difficulty, you’re going through a beautiful transformation. Make sure to care for yourself: exercise daily (even if it’s just a 30-minute walk on some days), eat well, focus on sleep, and set a strict rule to close your laptop by 8pm (or earlier) each night, so you can wind down and get a good sleep. See and hug people you love at least once per week. The effort might feel hard depending on how burnt out you are, but you’ll find the interactions very uplifting. If you live with family or friends, hug them every day. Be compassionate with yourself. You’re doing your best and it’s common for people to burn out. Be vulnerable with people closest to you and let them know you’re struggling. The transparency will help you navigate, and they might be able to support you by taking some tasks off your shoulders until you recover.


      delve deeper ↔

      The one word that to me that is key to life is ….”balance”. We need to maintain balance in all aspects of our lives including our physical and mental wellbeing. When we are out of balance, we risk burnout!


      delve deeper ↔

      2: commit to consistency

      Once you appreciate your current reality (and relationship with Burnout), it’s important to take a step back … take an even deeper breath… because what comes next is important — and in today’s busy world, easier said than done.


      Sounds easy, I know. Yet far from it.

      For starters, the journey ahead is a life-long one. There’s no easy escape because certain habits are in place that keep you rooted in the hustle.

      These don’t die easy, if at all.

      It means progress can be slow; and even when you make it, you’ll falter.

      (more on that in a moment)

      All you can do is commit to doing what you can; to be consistent and appreciate this isn’t a diet or some thirty-day challenge.

      This is a lifestyle change; a new way of life.

      3: fill your cup

      With a commitment to consistency in place, all that’s left to do is DO the work.

      • Each day.
      • Every day.
      • All the days … FILL YOUR CUP!

      Take care of yourself. your Mind. your Body. your Spirit.

      How you do this is for you to decide. There’s no universal solution that works for everyone, and there is no solution(s) that will always work for you.

      Your life is made of chapters, meaning your current situation WILL change.

      What works today may not work a year from now.

      (again, more on that in a moment)

      So don’t worry about perfection or finding the solution. 

      Instead, embrace experimentation and have fun with different tactics, challenges, and exercises that help you fuel and top up your energy levels.

      • Physically (body)
      • Mentally (mind)
      • Emotionally (spirit)

      From journaling to meditation, workouts to retreats… you can do much, and in time you will, but in the NOW all you have to do is take it a day at a time.

      Be as consistent as you can.

      when you falter, stumble, and fail, be kind to yourself; get back on the horse.

      Each day wake up and commit all over again … say “Today, I’ll fill my cup”.

      How To Beat Burnout: Have something on your calendar every 48 hours that you’re excited about or looking forward to.


      delve deeper ↔

      Ask yourself – what is actually important now. Then, have the courage to trust whatever the answer is. What is important or meaningful to your goals or to your heart will always feel inconvenient and require change – always. However, when I burned out in my own life it was because I was not asking myself what was actually important and I was caught up in the “terany of the urgent” and just reacting to what everyone else needed from me. It took, and it takes, incredible courage to say “no”, to set boundaries on your time and your energy, to disapoint other people. But, if we don’t, then we give our LIFE, our TIME – these two very precious NON-renewable resources – to things, people, and projects and end up being burned out.


      delve deeper ↔

      The burnout that I experienced made it difficult to make any more decisions… I was simply “all decisioned out”. One of the ways that I was able to still keep pushing forward while I worked on hiring and taking proactive steps to reduce workload and stress to reduce burnout, was to limit the amount of decisions I had to make through the day – so I limited my clothing options (almost more of a uniform), I would ask the waiter to pick for me at a restaurant, etc. It was a small way to just feel like I could breathe again.


      delve deeper ↔

      4: be malleable

      Your situation today is what it is… soon, it will change; for better or worse.

      No universal approach. No one thing that will always work. If you find something that fills your cup, great. Stick with it and use it for as long as it serves you.

      But know this… the time will come when it stops working!

      Take me, for instance, and my commitment to running.

      It works. Keeps me grounded. Fuels my body, mind, and spirit. Yet the day will come when it no longer does; at least not in the same way.

      Maybe my body will break. Maybe my mind will. Maybe the energy it gives me today will fade, leading me to switch things up and embrace a new challenge.

      Use what works for as long as it works … then, adapt.

      This whole process centers around consistency and continued commitment. 

      not just this week or this month, and not just this year or decade…

      Your entire life, you’ll remain at the mercy of hustle culture and the deep roots of burnout — and so as time changes, you must too; you must recommit over and over so you can remain the one in control.

      5: build whole life integration

      We’ve already talked about how work/life balance isn’t the answer, although it isn’t to say that balance isn’t important.

      Although a better word summarizes what you need.

      Not balance, but rather INTEGRATION.

      Whole life integration, where you appreciate the various “buckets” in your life that matter and do your best to serve them.

      • Family
      • Work
      • Your personal health
      • Your personal growth and development…

      There’s no right or wrong, as every person’s life differs. What matters to you matters to YOU … and what matters today is what matters in this current chapter.

      You must tend to these different facets of life and give them the time, energy, and focus they deserve. To achieve this, you need to say NO more.

      Get clear on what a HELL YES looks like.

      Yet it also requires integration, not separation.

      That’s where Whole Life Integration differs from Work/Life Balance … the latter encourages you to separate and distance one from the other, whereas the former empowers you to bring the various aspects of YOUR life together.

      You still need boundaries and balance, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear a bunch of different masks. All you achieve by doing that is a continuous state of anxiety where you don’t feel enough.

      It’s this that keeps you firmly in burnout’s grasp.

      How To Beat Burnout: Do you ever wish you possessed a release valve when stress is escalating, and you fear you may explode? Remember four things. First, look at your to-do list. Create your NOT to-do list and concentrate on what is important now. Second, train your mind not to ruminate on stressful issues or outcomes. Don’t think about potential disasters, don’t distract yourself with ‘what-ifs’, while relentlessly attacking those items that must be handled now. Detach yourself from concentrating on anything except the stress-producing task to eliminate as much as is possible. Third, imagine if your anxiety-producing situation will matter tomorrow, next month or in a year. Usually 99% of the time, it won’t. Think back to the things that were giving you angst a year ago. Can you remember them? Often, we can’t, so grab that sense of calm that knowledge can give you now. And, last, tell your reality-check buddy (someone you trust) about what is making you stressful. That’s the person who tells you truthfully if you are seeing the situation clearly, the real facts or just the fear, if you have inflated anything in your head or are imagining outcomes that are not likely. Often, we lose our equilibrium under stress, efficiently producing the outcome we fear – more stress, more burnout.


      delve deeper ↔

      how to beat burnout and still live your life

      In many ways, you cannot beat burnout.

      Like the hustle, it’s here to stay and it ain’t going anywhere.

      It will always be there, tempting you. Not just the obvious state of burnout, that comes on the other side of work and grinding your gears.

      but the part of it that hides in the shadows, ensuring you’re always switched on.

      All you can do is be conscious of this, and then… take control over what you can.

      Say NO, more. Integrate your life, don’t separate it. Appreciate WHO you are and keep comparison culture at bay. Read through the stories, tips, and advice from the awesome cast of experts in this article and pick and choose what *speaks* to you.

      AND let go of this notion of perfection.

      Even if you find something that works for you, it will only work for so long. That’s okay… embrace the chapters ahead and let them transition when they’re ready—this is how to beat burnout!

      The constant at all times, wherever you are in life, is that you are YOU and that is absolutely, 100%, no doubt about it ENOUGH ?

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      escape the hustle & stay escaped with actionable anti-hustling advice sent to your inbox every Monday (for free)

        hi, i’m turndog and I wrote this article … i am a writer, ghostwriter, anti-hustler & a guy on a mission to ensure you too escape the hustle — come be part of the [no hustle] movement

        the [no hustle] huddle

        escape the hustle & stay escaped with actionable anti-hustling advice sent to your inbox every Monday (for free)

          hi, i’m turndog and I wrote this article … i am a writer, ghostwriter, anti-hustler & a guy on a mission to ensure you too escape the hustle — come be part of the [no hustle] movement

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