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reading, watching & learning only takes you so far — that’s why we created the [no hustle] homestead … a private (free) community to help in your battle to escape the hustle 

the [no hustle] homestead

become the latest member to escape the hustle & build greater “whole life balance”

as a passionate advocate for personal growth, you recognize the significance of taking action.

knowledge is indeed powerful, but the challenge often lies in navigating through the deluge of information to put this knowledge into action.

enter the [no hustle] homestead — a private, cost-free community designed to bolster your journey … here, you’ll join forces with others navigating similar paths, enriching your journey through shared experiences and collective growth.

the most rewarding adventures are those shared with like-minded individuals; by joining our community, you not only lighten your burden but foster connections with those too committed to turning inspiration into implementation.

we’re excited to welcome you as our newest member and look forward to seeing you inside — make yourself at home … our homestead is yours.

as a member, you get access to …

  • bcurated content from the world of health, productivity, habits & self improvement
  • Nactionable exercises & challenges designed to help you DO the work
  • virtual meet ups and other special events with your fellow [no hustle]'ers
  • exclusive interviews and masterclasses with authors, innovators & thought-leaders
  • unique [no hustle] nuggets that we only share with those we share this homestead with

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[eso reo]

a private sanctuary for enlightened entrepreneurs, hustle hackers & those ready to build whole-life balance

[eso reo] (pronounced esso rio) is the next level of evolution in your personal growth journey—a private sanctuary for those ready to go beyond & build whole life balance.

Introduced within the pages of Beyond The Pale (the fable that inspired the [no hustle] movement) … [eso reo] takes you on a guided journey to purposefully transform your world.

… aligning your work, values, health, relationships & the vision you pursue.

When you join [eso reo], you’re given a 90 Day Roadmap where we work with you individually to fulfill your immediate goals.

After 90 days, you’re welcomed into the wider community with open arms so you can continue to transform your world.

… ensuring you remain free of the hustle and focused on going a mile deep with your business, mission & relationships.

the [eso reo] experience includes

  • your journey begins with a personalized (and guided) 90 Day Ascension Plan to ensure you build immediate momentum
  • throughout your journey, you're given mentorship & kinship to help guide and advise you at each stage of your growth
  • an evolutionary community of students and mentors heart-crafted to help you overcome obstacles & reach exciting new heights
  • get instant access to a library of 100+ lessons, challenges, masterclasses and more — it's a carefully curated library that continues to grow
  • Nrecieve exclusive invites to private training from [no hustle] patrons & expert guides
  • attend private retreats designed to nurture the building of your whole life balance

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your guide & companion

hi, i am turndog … a writer, father, and imperfect human who battles each day to remain on the outside of ‘the hustle‘.

i am not perfect and far from the finished article, but i have learned a lot on my journey. through [eso reo] i pass these lessons on to you — acting as your guide & friend.

if you’re looking for a guru or someone who can do the work for you, i am not him. but if you’re ready to DO the work so you can be the person you dream of being…

so you can fulfill your vision

so you go a mile deep with those you serve

i have both the roadmap you crave and a guiding hand to keep you on the right path — if you’re curious how i do this, keep scrolling and I’ll reveal our specific method ↓ ↓ ↓

welcome to the

  • :Amplify
  • :Ascend
  • :Awaken

every great adventure begins with a first step.

this is yours

welcome to your awakening, the first phase in your purposeful personal growth journey.

once you see and are unable to “unsee”, your only option is to go beyond the pale and commit to the path laid out in front of you.

this leads you into the second phase and your ascension up the mountain — a turbulent and tricky trek that we venture alongside you.

your ascension won’t always be easy and it won’t always go according to plan. this is why you’re part of [eso reo] so you don’t have to feel isolated & alone.

… and so we can guide you up the most efficient route

this brings you to the top of the mountain, an evolved version of you who can now amplify your vision.

and finally be who you were always meant to be.

are you ready to transcend?

during your first 90 days inside [eso reo], you go through the AAA Method & come out the other side transcendent—yet such a journey isn’t singular…

it’s infinite the end of one leading to anew

this is why [eso reo] is a private sanctuary for those committed to true, purposeful personal growth.

… for those obsessed about going a mile deep

with your health & wellbeing

with your work, business & vision

with your relationships

not everyone is ready for [eso reo] — in fact, most aren’t … but if this has *spoken* to you, let’s speak.