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this edition of the [no hustle] huddle went out on Monday 17th July 2023

Welcome to the huddle,

AI … it is everywhere at the moment. It’s strange because AI has been around for a while now; discussed in movies for decades and impacting our lives in a very real sense for at least the last ten or so years.

Yet there’s something a little different about it at this time. There’s a feeling of inevitability and that the world will never be the same — for better or worse.

The ramifications are already beginning to take place. The current writer/actor strikes are driven, in part because of AI and the impact it’s already having. We’ve only just scratched the surface, too, so who knows what life will look like in a year … five … ten… It’s exciting, that is for sure, but also terrifying (and nauseating).

I mean I don’t know about you but I’m just ready for a little “normal” after the last few years. Alas, that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon so all we can do is take control over what we can and let what be, be with everything else.

As a writer, this is what I’m trying to focus on. AI is coming for my industry and as the years go by my role and necessity will decrease. That is, unless I do something to remain relevant, important and a continued piece of the puzzle.

(I’m actually writing an article about it … I’ve gathered all the research, just need to find the time to, you know, write the thing)

This is all any of us can do. Right now, you too stand at this juncture like the rest of us. AI is here and it will (indeed, IS) impact your life in many beautiful, bountiful, and barbaric ways. 

Some of these will help you. Some of them won’t. You’ll get to control some of this, but much of it remains out of your reach.

So I have a question for you and it’s one I hope you spend a little time reflecting on. Although before we get to that, here’s some content to better prep you ??

from the [no hustle] community

Why Redefining Success with AI is the Future of Work (& Life)In this article, I explore the rather weird impact AI is having on our very nature of success, meaning, and the pursuit of all things happy & shiny.

6 Reasons Why AI & Automation Has Redefined “Success”This short video explores our relationship with AI further, sharing six ways it’s already impacting your world in a VERY real way.

3 actions to take this week

? bookmark this → a thoroughly interesting article from Scott H. Young who shines a light on a patient approach, and that although it is a virtue, staying still and waiting for the “right time” is one that does not serve you.

? watch this → this thought-provoking video from Better Ideas sums up my thoughts on our current relationship with AI and that although taking action is often scary, the alternative of “inaction” is a more worrisome one.

? DO THIS → write down 10 ways AI already impacts you — think about the tools, apps & software that already defines much of your world. By exploring how AI already impacts you and your life, you’ll feel a sense of humility as well as excitement for the opportunities that lay ahead.

this week’s featured book

How To Calm Your Mind by Chris Bailey — we live in a busy world and it’s one that’s set to get busier. AI will take from us in that regard, but also give us the ability to reclaim some of our sanity. In this book, Chris guides you toward a more peaceful and clear life. For most of us, this is essential reading.

?️ pass the mic

I couldn’t write an email about AI without passing the mic to my friend, Jan Koch. Not only is Jan a great guy, but someone who’s been exploring the world of AI (in a practical way) for several years. Whenever some sort of AI thought pops into my head, Jan is the man I touch base with straight away.

? drop the mic

AI isn’t coming, my friend … it is here. It will impact you. It will impact your life and how you currently live it. Time will quickly pass you by, and so may opportunities that may already be in front of you. So let me ask that question…

The one I hinted at earlier — the one I hope you spend some time reflecting on:

How can you leverage AI over the next few weeks?

If you already fully embrace AI this question may not apply. But if you are, like many of us (I know I fit into this category) someone who feels a little nervous and cautious about the whole thing, then make today the day you explore IT.

Because IT will hang over your head. 

Soon, you’ll look back and wish you had taken the step earlier. So reserve some time today to simply think about your current situation and how AI could help.

This question is nothing but a thread for you to pull. Pull it and see what unravels. Maybe something. Maybe nothing. Maybe an opportunity you cannot see because you’re averting its gaze. Whatever you find, just let it be ?

I’d love to hear about it … so hit reply and share what you find ?

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s edition of the huddle, my friend. If you have and know someone who needs to read it, forward it to them & ask them to subscribe.

See you next time and, as always, thank you for being you.


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