[nh] #44 — MINDSET is NOT important





this edition of the [no hustle] huddle went out on Monday 29th April 2024

Mindset … it isn’t important.

Nah, it’s essential; the literal building block of almost everything in life.

The crazy thing is, I keep getting reminded of this all the time.

I think I *know* it, but then I take my eye off the prize, get complacent, and move forward as though I have it “figured out”. I don’t. Likely never will.

The same applies to you ?

and that’s okay, by the way.

You’re not here to figure it out. You are here to grow, adapt, persevere, and keep moving in the right direction — not just for yourself but for those you serve ❤️

Like I say, I was reminded of this recently.

I get into that soon, although first, here’s some content you may like over your coffee to start this brand new week??

from the [no hustle] community

The Supplements I Takethe latest article went live last week, breaking down the MANY supplements I take each week (and the role every one plays).

What Supplements I Takeprefer to watch rather than read, here you go ?

3 actions to take this week

? bookmark this → Mark Manson explores 5 “mindsets” you need to succeed and grow in life.

? watch this → Ryan Holiday dives deeper, showcasing 14 “mindsets” the stoics taught us, and how you can implement each one into your life.

? DO THISReflect on a Recent Obstacle — ask yourself (honestly), “how did I react to it? how did I resist it? Did it serve me in the moment, and, more importantly, will the approached it serve me in the future?”

this week’s featured book

The Code of The Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani — I read this book years ago, and it’s one that helped me a great deal with mindset.

A good mix of theory and practice, and a generally interesting narrative that shows you the ever-evolving and ever-important role your mind plays in EVERYTHING.

?️ pass the mic

I am here to shine a light today on Mary Dee, a fine human with a more than fine mission, and someone who perfectly personifies this whole idea of mindset, positive thinking, and ensuring your thoughts lead you in the right direction ?

? drop the mic

As you likely know, I am a father to two kids: George and Imogen.

I love them. They drive me insane at times, but I love them and I’m committed to helping them grow and teaching them what I can. Yet they teach me so much, too.

Part of this comes in the form of reminders that are hard to predict.

You see, I think I know something and have it rooted in my mind. Yet I’m also busy and life has a way of spiraling from one day to the next; before long, entire months have flown by.

And so, when I catch my kids doing something that isn’t “great”, I sit them down and talk to them … offer advice … share lessons and thoughts and all that jazz.

Pretty standard parenting, right? Sure… but then afterward I think:

am I walking the walk or talking the talk?

It’s easy to lecture but not always easy to DO the work yourself ?

That was my recent reminder, as I spoke to George about the importance of resilience and how essential it is in your life’s quest. With it, you can achieve almost anything. Without it, life gobbles you up like some crazy-ass Kraken.

And I am someone who’s developed good resilience over the years. I’ve pushed myself. Taken risk. Committed to hard shit that would have been easier to not do.

I am proud of it. Yet in recent times, I’ve also got swept up by all of “it”.

Now that is fine. When life hits hard, you are allowed to feel.

Yet when life hits you like that, it’s training your resilience and it’s your mindset, outlook, and overall attitude toward “all of it” that determines not just how you get through the situation today, but the lessons you’ll gain long into the future.

In the present, you have no idea what the payback will be like.

Yet I know, through experience, it’s often HUGE.

This is what I told my son, and afterward, it’s what I reminded myself of; reminded my self that mindset is everything because it is mindset that frames how I approach adversity, navigate around and through it, and choose to intentionally or passively learn the lessons life throws at me.

So mindset isn’t important … it is essential.

I hope those reminders keep coming thick and fast.

Here’s to you, my friend; thank you for being here ?


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