[nh] #25 — what I learned on my Wedding Day





this edition of the [no hustle] huddle went out on Mon 4th December 2023

As I write this, it’s the morning of my wedding.

In a coffee shop and in my suit, I’m ready and raring to welcome this latest BIG milestone … a tad nervous, but not nearly as much as I thought I would 🙂

This notion of MILESTONES has been top of mind of late 🧠

How life is made up of chapters, as we dove into last week…

How we never stand still and are always striving forward in some way…

We reach milestones all the time; some big, many small.

It’s easy to allow them to pass us by without any thought or recognition.

on to the next one. in constant pursuit. always desiring more ⛰️

It is one of the biggest issues I have with Hustle Culture; it keeps us so busy and occupied that we lose ourselves to TIME … it just blows past us, relentless.

It’s important to appreciate where you are and give yourself the credit to celebrate the milestones you reach … be they personal, professional, or a mix of both.

That’s me today, taking a little time for myself before I commit to this special day.

a special few days where we celebrate with family and friends.

And that’s great and all, but I don’t spend every waking second with those people. Whereas me … my mind … this inner voice that chatters away in the background at all times … I’m with *this* guy at all times

So as well as celebrating milestones and special moments with others, it’s essential we celebrate them with ourselves … often, all this involves is acknowledging IT.

I have a little more to share on that in a second, but first, there is this 👇👇

from the [no hustle] community

The Power of Questionshow many of these questions have you asked?

3 Reasons Why FOMO is Toxicthe dangers of FOMO run deep!

3 actions to take this week

🔖 bookmark this → lessons from 19,496 days of existence, from my buddy Jaime

📺 watch this → was this where Stoicism was born?

💪 DO THISCelebrate a Recent Milestone — you’ve achieved something recently, so think about it … acknowledge it … and spend a few minutes appreciating IT (and you) because you are enough and you’re doing just fine ❤️

this week’s featured book

Beyond The Pale by Matthew Turner — this is the book that inspired the [no hustle] … if you’d like to learn more about it, click the link above 👆👆

The point of sharing it with you now is to ask you a question…

Would You Like A Copy?

If you would, reply to this email and share your address; I’ll send you a copy in the mail (free of charge).

Why? Because milestone moments/periods like these should be celebrated, and one of the best ways I know to celebrate is through a gift.

and this is my gift, not only to you, but the world.

So… would you like a copy?

🎙️ pass the mic

When I think of milestones, I think of James Clear and his simple yet effective approach to goals. How he encourages small steps; incremental growth.

how he talks about celebrating the wins, no matter how minimal they may be.

You’ve likely heard of him … probably read his book (most have) … but in case you haven’t, make today the day you dive into his rabbit hole (start with this article).

🎤 drop the mic

This life we live, it goes quickly.

I’ve thought a lot of late about the chapter of MY life that’s coming to an end, and how it first started a decade ago. That period when my twenties came to a close and I eagerly stepped into my thirties 👣

a lot has happened since … kids and businesses and pivots; and now, a wife 💍

I cannot comprehend how fast it has passed 😲

I recognize I didn’t do a good enough job of acknowledging the various milestones I arrived at and then surpassed. I didn’t celebrate them. I didn’t take it all in 😞

I was busy and to an extent this is okay because it’s hard to stop and smell the roses when you have so much to do; and so much more to achieve.

Yet you, me … we … we only get one go at this; one shot at life ✨

We lose each moment that passes into the past. It is here, and then not.

Moving forward, I desire and indeed commit to doing a better job of

  1. Acknowledging the milestones I navigate
  2. Celebrate them (with others and myself)

BIG milestones like the one today… they require BIG celebrations.

BIG reflection 🤲

Many of the smaller milestones don’t need much more than a brief second to appreciate it … to look at it and say, “I see you” 👀

I sense when I think about the 3 WORDS I commit to in 2024 in a few weeks’ time (I’ll dive deeper into that soon, don’t worry) … it’s *this* that will drive much of it.

To focus not only on the goals and the milestones I wish to reach but also on HOW I’ll 1) know when I reach them, and then 2) what I’ll do when I do ❤️

After all, if life is nothing but a series of chapters and these milestones mark the cliffhangers and plot twists, we owe a lot to them and what they bring to the table.

as well as what they reach us ❤️‍🔥

Thanks for reading … thank you for being here … and kudos to you for taking the time to reflect on your own journey; your own milestones that lie ahead.

I hope you’ll join me in shining a bright light on them in 2024 🕯️

I’m now off to soak this day in … see you on the other side 🙏


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