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this edition of the [no hustle] huddle went out on Mon 27th November 2023

Life is but a series of chapters … some good, others less so … a few pass quickly, a few more span large chunks of time ⌛

There’s no reason or rhyme; no rules or guide that governs everyone ? 

Each person’s journey is unique; we never know what’s coming.

Yet one thing is certain and it’s how life keeps moving ?

One chapter followed by another, transitioning and growing and moving through one milestone after another ?

It’s been on my mind lately, especially the last few days as a major milestone awaits. This week I get married. In a few days, I’ll leave the chapter of “not being married” behind and enter into one where I’ll be forever hitched ?

Yet it isn’t the only change in my life. It’s this I find fascinating… how certain chapters—especially the bigger, more meaningful ones—tend to include various changes. In a few weeks, it’s 2024; a year that will see me turn forty years old.

My work, career, and overall professional focus seem to be in transition ?️

The kids, too, are going through changes and transitioning between their own chapters; completely different from my own, but at the same time, not really.

and this time of year, of course, is one that’s transitional in nature ?

It reminds me that nothing in life lies in isolation; it’s all connected, whether we see or understand it. Yet it’s easy to forget that as we lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle, Black Friday deals, and festive celebrations.

from the [no hustle] community

How Solitude Benefits Your Mind and Soulas an introvert, I’m someone who needs solitude at all times, but especially during these “transitional” periods…

Perfectly Imperfectwhat often stops us from embracing change is our desire (need?) to be perfect; a falsehood that imprisons us all in some way.

3 actions to take this week

? bookmark this → as Seneca said, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” … explore how in this thought-provoking piece.

? watch this → will these 14 mindset shifts from Ryan Holiday change your life?

? DO THISConsciously Reflect on The Last Six Months — think about the various things that have happened of late and see if you can spot any signs that may signify a transitional state (about to leave one chapter to welcome anew).

this week’s featured book

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle — I did not love this book, but I did take some important, truly foundational learnings from it ?

The biggest is that time and our perception of time are not the same ?

We can only ever experience the NOW, yet that doesn’t stop us from trying to live in both the past & future. Shining a light on this changed me in a fundamental way ?

?️ pass the mic

Even successful people flip through chapters. I see this in Ali Abdaal at the moment as he 1) enters into a period of nomadic entrepreneurship, and 2) sits on the cusp of releasing his first book.

Ali is a fine creator, successful, and a guy you’d assume has it all “figured out”. 

Despite this, he’s still human and I love following his latest chapter evolve ❤️

? drop the mic

The life you have lived so far is gone; past tense and in the rearview mirror ?

You can cling to it, in the same way you can try to grasp the future.

Yet the only moment you will ever exist in is the present one; a rinsed-and-repeated process that lasts as long as you do ?

You’ll enjoy some chapters more than others ?

Some, you will look forward to ?

Others, you will do anything to not leave it behind ?

Yet life moves with or without you. All we can do is embrace the steps ahead. 

For me, 2023 has felt very heavy, strange, and surreal.

It’s all come on the back of a generally heavy and surreal few years.

and 2024… I don’t know what lies ahead for me or my family. But I do know a new chapter awaits me and “us”.

Getting married doesn’t mark it per se because our life’s chapters aren’t made of literal pages you turn. They’re more nuanced and blurred. Often, there is no “milestone” that marks the change.

One day you just realize life isn’t quite the same.

That’s me and mine right now. I appreciate you listening and hope you take something from my own experiences. Chances are, you too are in some state of transition — in a way, we all are at all times ?

So take some time to reflect … to appreciate where you are and maybe just maybe it will give you a peek into where you’re heading ?

Thanks for listening, and thank you for being YOU ? 


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