[nh] #23 — How To Survive Comparison Culture in 2024





this edition of the [no hustle] huddle went out on Mon 20th November 2023

Each day, I awake to take part in a very particular battle 🥷

It’s one I have with others … but also with myself; my own mind 🧠

I sense this battle has run amock for as long as we humans have been human. 

But today it’s more prevalent than ever.

For reasons we’ll soon cover…

Before the reason comes the obstacle, and this is one we all face 😞


We compare ourselves to others, sure, but also ourselves … an older version we cling to, a younger and healthier version, a version we desire to one day become; all wise and worthy and the person who resides on the other side of our dreams.

A degree of such comparison is healthy. It drives us. Inspires us ✨

Yet it’s a fine line and one most of us overstep, largely because we’re so consumed by all the people, connections, opportunities, etc.

That’s the reason.

The ONLINE WORLD; or more specifically, Social Media.

The continued rise of Comparison Culture worries me a great deal. I wonder about it, and recently created some content around it (more on that in a second) … 

But that isn’t the point of this email ⛔

NO, the point of this email is to hopefully help you see how you’re at the mercy of Comparison Culture (every day) and that this in itself is okay so long as you remember this ONE THING 👍

We’ll get to that on the other side of the sweet-ass nuggets of wisdom that’s inspired this week’s edition of the huddle 👇👇

from the [no hustle] community

The Fear of Missing Out: FOMO vs JOMOIt’s a chicken and egg kinda scenario because does Comparison Culture drive FOMO or does FOMO drive us to compare ourselves to everyone else 🤔

Comparison Culture, Social Media & Hustle Porn: How To SurviveThis is a special video for three reasons … 1) it inspired today’s edition of the huddle, 2) it’s the video I’m most proud of crafting (so far), and 3) it’s gaining early traction on YouTube and I’d love for you to Watch + Like + Subscribe ❤️

3 actions to take this week

🔖 bookmark this → Mitch Joel hits the jackpot with this article, succinctly explaining why comparison culture is such a worry (one we should all be more focussed on and ready to overcome).

📺 watch this → This is the video that inspired my own (above) … Casey Neistat drops some golden nuggets in this one 🥇

💪 DO THISPerform a Comparison Audit — over the next 2-3 days, make a note every time you catch yourself comparing yourself to others (or a different version of you, past or future) … no need to do anything with this knowledge at first.

Simply make a note each time you do and reflect on your findings 🪞

this week’s featured book

The Daily Stoic + Ryan Holiday — for the last couple of months, I’ve woken up early each day (well, most days) and the first thing I do after making some coffee is read a page from this wonderful collection of thought essays from Ryan.

In a word that tempts you to COMPARE you vs them each day, this is one of the best and simplest forms of defense. A truly inspiring (and practical) read whether you wish to dive deeper into stoicism or not.

🎙️ pass the mic

One of my fave creators in recent years is Munecat, a “does it her way” YouTuber who’s crafted some amazing deep-dive videos. 

She plays a huge inspiration in my creations, not always in terms of topic but rather the way she delivers, commits, and goes a MILE DEEP.

She’s the bee knees 🐝 and someone I hope you check out — a good place to start is her scathing takedown of Gary Vee and his toxic take on “the hustle”.

🎤 drop the mic

Like it or not, you are part of Comparison Culture 😞

Even if you limit your time online, you’re surrounded by people each day who present you with a certain (edited) part of their story.

Hell, you are stuck in your head every second of every day, and that inner voice doesn’t always do a great job of saying, “You are enough, dude; you are loved.

A viewer left a comment that sums this up rather nicely 👇👇

It isn’t just social media, but human interaction in general 😣

If someone asks us how we’re doing, we tend to say “I’m good” … 

Even if the truth is far from it! 

We try to preserve ourselves. 

Protect our ego. 

Validate our worth and keep those worries at bay.

Every person you come across does this 😢

Knowing this is how you battle and, in time, overcome Comparison Culture

There’s no defeating it. No avoiding it. All you can do is 1) acknowledge it, and 2) appreciate every person will only ever give you an edited glimpse at their life 👀

Not out of spite or because they even mean to … it’s just what we do.

You included, and this guy writing these very words 🖊️

Thanks for reading today … if you know someone who should read this, please forward it to them and encourage them to subscribe 🙏

As for YOU … don’t be a stranger!

Hit reply and let me know about your relationship with Comparison Culture … how often do you find yourself comparing You vs Them?

When you do, what do you do to put a stop to it 🤔

Reply and tell me all about it 👇👇

Thanks for being here, my friend, and thank you for being YOU 🤟


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    escape the hustle & stay escaped with actionable anti-hustling advice sent to your inbox every Monday (for free)

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