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this edition of the [no hustle] huddle went out on Monday 16th October 2023

I make life too complicated. I mean, it’s understandable because life is, in the year 2023, a complicated and overwhelming mess.

So much work to do, less time to do it and fewer boundaries set ⏰

So much stimulation, hitting us from phones, laptops, TVs et al ?️

So much choice, the ability to DO and BE anything you want ?

It isn’t easy to Keep Life Simple, even if you strip it back to the basics. You’re still part of society. You still have responsibility. You’re still IN IT, like it or not.

But all that aside, I appreciate I make life more complicated than I need to.

My mind wanders. My dreams conjure. I feel the need to create.

And at all times, I face the same inner insecurities we all do. It is part of the human makeup, to worry and think and compare our lives to others. We desire meaning and want to figure out what all THIS is about.

It’s exhausting and I’m not sure there’s a way to remove all the chaos ?

But I do recognize there are ways to remove some of it.


at least, not all the time.

It’s why I wrote an article I did recently and a video to accompany it (more on those soon) … not for others but more so for me.

A reminder.

A reminder to slow down.

A reminder to slow down and keep it simple.

Because there is joy in simplicity, and although it isn’t easy to Live a Simple Life, it’s easier than we make it out to be. So long as we commit to this one specific thing … we’ll get to that in a moment, but first, there’s this ??

from the [no hustle] community

The Importance of Simplicity in Daily Life & Personal Growthan article that explores the importance of living a simple life.

Joy in Simplicity—Finding Peace in a Chaotic Worlda video that explores how to live a simple life in this oh-so-chaotic world.

3 actions to take this week

? bookmark this → a short, sweet, yet inspiring article from Leo Babauta that looks at a few ways we can simplify our existence on the daily.

? watch this → a short documentary that follows Bronwyn Hodgins on her climb up Picaflor; a moving piece that demonstrates the beauty in simplicity, focus, and literally taking life one step at a time.

? DO THISWrite About The Worst Possible Outcome — use this as a journal prompt today, exploring the biggest worry/anxiety that currently feels the heaviest: “If the worst were to happen, what would happen?”

It isn’t to diminish the worry or fear, and the worst outcome may be severe, but by exploring it and rationalizing it, you may find it isn’t as powerful as you thought.

this week’s featured book

The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac — I listened to this book while training for my first marathon, and it quickly became one I treasure. I love Kerouac’s writing and the Beatnik genre in general. A wonderful glimpse into the simple act of living and life, and how to enjoy the journey in the most perfectly imperfect way.

?️ pass the mic

I’ve known and followed the work of Dorie Clark for many years now, and she continues to blow me away with 1) her ability to craft incredible creations, be it books, talks, courses, you name it… and 2) how she keeps it simple, remains rooted to HER PATH, and commits to doing it her way.

Similar to that one song from Fleetwood Mac ?

If you haven’t come across Dorie’s work before, give yourself the gift today. If you have, re-gift it to your fine self and have a lovely time (you may like this conversation she recently had with Jaimie Masters).

? drop the mic

Earlier in the email, several hundred words ago, I hinted at how we can keep life simple so long as we commit to a specific something.

? so, what is that exactly?

What is this magic thing?

It is simple … but if you’re like me, you may struggle with this.


The reason I’m drawn toward Stoicism over other philosophies is due to its focus on letting go. Not of objects. Not even of emotions, thoughts, or feelings. Rather, the constant need and desire to feel in control.

We need to let go of this.

Because whatever you do or do not do, you will never be in control.

Most aspects of life lay out of your grasp. It will happen and do what it does regardless of your worries, stresses, and actions. The facets you do get to control are few, and so it’s important to:

  1. Acknowledge this and be at peace with it
  2. Treasure what you do get to control

Those emotions we have, we don’t get to control them. But what we do with those emotions, and how we act on the back of them… we do.

This is how to keep life simple ?

It’s how to Live a Simple Life and experience its joy.

The specifics within all that… it’s different for everyone. It isn’t about minimalism or retreats into nature or only working a few hours each week. It’s not about ‘living off the land’ or reducing your carbon footprint.

A simple life is one you keep simple by trying to control less.

To let go… to let what be, BE ❤️

Easier said than done, I know. I struggle with this. In a BIG WAY! Similar to the article I wrote above and the video I recorded… this edition of The Huddle is as much for me as it is for you.

But that’s why I’m sharing it with you because neither I am alone nor are you — we’re all human, struggling with our own inner insecurities.

That inner voice. The relentless chatter. The worry of what might be.

of what might not be.

Know you’re not alone, my friend, and know a simple life is possible … but not until you commit to letting go of control. It’s like trying to pursue perfection, nothing but a pointless and exhausting journey that strips your soul and everything else with it.

Treasure what you have; what you do have control over ?

Commit to letting go of the rest.

You’ll fail. I WILL FAIL. That’s okay… the point is to keep reminding yourself.

Thanks for reading today, I would love to hear from you so share your thoughts via a quick reply — and if you know someone who needs to read this edition of The Huddle, please forward it to them ?

Thank you for being here, and thank you for being YOU.


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