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this edition of the [no hustle] huddle went out on Monday 28th August 2023

With the sun creeping above the horizon behind me, I dropped to one knee, nervous and on edge, waiting for her to round the corner so I could ask the all-important question.

I did ?

She said yes ?

It made for a rather special start to last Sunday, it marking the end of one chapter and the transition into another; a chapter where your boy Turndog is to be wed.

It’s one of those Milestone Moments you appreciate will arrive at some point.

Like your “first time”, earning your first paycheck, or holding your child on the day they’re born. Often, you have no idea when such moments will arrive — at least not too far in advance. 

You just trust and appreciate that at some stage in life, it will come to be; or not.

That’s been me and marriage. I’ve never really pursued it or looked forward to it, nor have I avoided it. I figured it would happen at some point, and, if not, that it not happening would be fine. I’m stoked the former has happened, and I am very excited about what’s to come (if not rather nervous about the whole affair).

Yet what I’m really taking from all “this” is the importance of milestones.

Not the event itself, per se, but how these milestones represent key movements in life that consciously or not take you from one to another. Life is, after all, nothing but a series of chapters that come together to form your unique & personal book ?

BUT—and this is what’s top of mind right now—life continues to do its thing.

It doesn’t care if you are in the process of moving from one chapter to the next. It will continue to do what it does regardless of your situation. This is a problem. Because it means you’re kept busy and distracted.

To the point where you allow that important Milestone Moment to be like any other — heck, you may not even notice the Milestone in the first place, it passing you by like all those other fleeting moments that tick to the tock ?

I am trying my best right now to NOT allow this to happen.

  • To not lose myself in all the tasks that need to be done…
  • To not lose sight of this period due to work and responsibility…
  • To not go through the motions and “miss” the coming months…

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that these Milestone Moments present an array of important lessons. They teach us so much and prepare us for the next chapter—whatever it may entail.

Yet often, these lessons are subtle and nuanced, hidden beneath the surface and out of sight. Unless you’re attentive, you will overlook them.

And that, my friend, is a huge missed opportunity.

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3 actions to take this week

? bookmark this → I’m a big fan of Ryan Holiday, and as I enter this new chapter, I sense I’ll lean more and more on his stoic ways; including some of these Life Lessons he’s carefully collected (and curated) over the years.

? watch this → I love the simplicity of this video and how it adds a practical and attainable notion to something so grand & pivotal as a Transcendental Experience; as the narrator suggests, they can be far more common than we imagine.

? DO THISReflect on Your Most Recent Milestone Moment — personal, professional, or whatever else, you’ve likely experienced a major milestone in the last couple of years. Spend some time thinking about it and the lessons you learned as you transitioned from that old chapter to the one you currently reside in.

this week’s featured book

The Long Game: How to Be a Long-Term Thinker in a Short-Term World by Dorie Clark — I hate how easy it is to get stuck in the short-term and the often reactive decisions they lead to. Thinking Long-Term is so important, yet harder than ever to do as Dorie explores in her latest book. A gem, as always is the case when written by none other than her mighty mind.

?️ pass the mic

If there are two traits I respect, it’s consistency and subtlety. To be consistent is to remain committed over a long period, showing up for the right reasons and keeping your eye on the all-important prize that is IMPACT.

To be subtle is to push fear and worry to one side, remaining focused on what you need to focus on. A subtle salesperson is far more effective than one that pushes and prods. A subtle message hits much harder than one that’s forced down your throat. It’s why I’ve always respected Moe Abdou and the work he does at 33voices because it’s that which is consistent, subtle, and simply wonderful.

? drop the mic

I’ve known for a while that I’m in the process of transitioning from one chapter to the next. Mine and Vee’s engagement isn’t the only recent milestone in that regard.

Yet it does feel different in the sense it holds so much importance.

Important, not because a wedding in itself is particularly important, but the fact exchanging vows and experiencing this together is a one-time affair.

I will only propose to her once. She will only accept once. We will only have that day and share it with those we love … once.

I’m excited about it, and I am committed to not lose myself in the chaos ?

Not only so I can enjoy this period, but so I can reap the lessons that await me around various corners. Because these lessons act as a prequel to the impending chapter ahead. I don’t know what it fully involves and I have no idea what will or will not happen. That’s the point, and it’s why it is so important to seek the lessons, listen to them, and implement them where necessary.

Chances are, you too have lessons yearning to be seen by you and your peepers ?

Will you keep an eye out for them? OR will you get caught up in the hustle and grind, missing out on who knows what as you worry about this and that?

I hope you choose the former, my friend, and I hope I continue to, too.

I also hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s huddle. If you have, share feedback via the little emoji link below and forward “this” to a friend who needs to read it.

Oh… and if you have any pre-wedding advice, your boy is all ears ?


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