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this edition of the [no hustle] huddle went out on Monday 21st August 2023

Ever have someone ask you a question and feel like you should know the answer—as in, you go to speak but then struggle to say the actual words?

In your mind, you think … I know this ?

But then you think some more and realize you don’t know.

Maybe you used to… a version of an answer that made sense once upon a time.

But not now ?

Well, that happened to me after my lovely partner Vee watched the latest [no hustle] video — set to hit the channel in a couple of weeks ?

In the video, I talked about the importance of Filling Your Cup.

And so, she asked me … what do you need to fill your cup?

I knew the answer. It was on the tip of my tongue. At least, I felt like I should know the answer and that there was a time I did. Yet in that moment… nothing.

I just sat there, awkwardly silent ?‍?

I took the whole conversation as a sign that I 

  1. Am not giving myself enough time to step back and think, and
  2. That what Fills My Cup may have changed…

Because nothing in life stands still. What used to work may no longer have the same effect — and so, in recent days, I’ve taken some time to ponder all this.

… and I have come to a few important conclusions.

Which, of course, I will share with you in this email ?

But before I do that, let me first share some stellar content I hope will open your eyes and massage your brain in preparation for the main event ?

from the [no hustle] community

Overcoming Parental Burnout in the Age of Hustle CultureIt was recording content for this (and writing THIS article) that ignited my exploration of filling your cup and making sure you get what you need — an easier said-than-done task when you have young kids.

Hustle Culture and Parenting: Striking the Balancethis video follows on from above, offering a 60-second peek into parenthood in this “hustle-focussed” world and how to strike that all-important balance.

3 actions to take this week

? bookmark this → I hope you enjoy this article from Dr. Travis Bradberry as much as I do, showing just how dangerous being “busy” can be — and how busyness is not some badge of honor to wear.

? watch this → It felt very serendipitous, to come across this video by Nathaniel Drew about 7 simple concepts that personally made his life easier … when it comes to filling your own cup, this is what you need to gravitate toward.

? DO THISWrite Down 3 Things That Consistently Make Your Smile — it could be anything; in fact, the less sense these things make, the better … just close your eyes and picture a few go-to things you like to do that fills you with good feelings.

this week’s featured book

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It by Kamal Ravikant — You may have noticed I’m a fan of Kamal Ravikant’s writing, and it was this book that caught the attention of the masses.

It’s a simple book (although this edition is more detailed), and one that helps you 1) accept who you are, and 2) discover what fills your cup. A simple read, yet one that has the power to quite literally change how you live your life.

?️ pass the mic

I first came across Adam and Matt Toren many years ago, and I’ve loved following their journey since. One of the projects that truly is amazing is KIDPRENENUERS and their commitment to helping you both bring up children that critically think, express imagination, and pursues their own personal path AND helps you (as a parent) to strike the balance between being there for them and for YOU!

? drop the mic

Before we bring this to a close, let’s revisit the “DO THIS” section and how I hope you make today the day you Write Down 3 Things That Consistently Make Your Smile.

It’s this exercise that’s helped me hone in on what I need at the moment. More so, it’s this that has helped me take the step back I need to simply think.

And that’s the key here… you thinking ??

There is no universal right or wrong when it comes to you filling your cup.

All that matters is what you need. Right now!

… and this changes as you pass from one season to the next.

What used to fill you up may longer do so. That is fine. Just take the time to realize if it does. From there, take action. Take some positive steps forward ?

Often, a little can go a long way.

Maybe it’s a song or a particular band that helps you feel the good stuff. Maybe a walk in nature. Maybe escaping with a book or movie. Maybe it’s something you do on your own or with others … there is no right or wrong; this is your cup, after all.

For me… well, I’m still figuring out my current chapter and situation. Yet three things I’ve recently realized help fill my cup and what I need to commit more time and focus toward are:

  1. ME Time in Nature (just me on my lonesome)
  2. Watching Live Sport (actually going to games)
  3. Reading For Fun (and in isolation)

Some of this I can do every day, a few minutes here and there (ie: reading). Whereas some of it requires a little planning and time (ie: nature). And I have more I can add to the list, but three is a start and that is the point.

This helps ME do ME.

It makes me smile. Feel good. Recharge and reconnect. Just helps me BE.

What about you? What three make your list?

I’d love to hear them, so hit reply and share … and if you know another who needs to read this, please forward the huddle to them and encourage them to subscribe.

Thanks for reading, my friend, and thank you for being you.


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