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Will AI save you time and transform you into a productivity machine? It’s a question I’ve considered a lot of late as I, like many of us, am adapting to this ever-changing landscape. When it comes to boosting productivity with AI, there are many things you *can* do.

Tools. Strategies. Processes and blueprints…

It’s a nightmare and one that quickly defeats the purpose; one that wastes your time rather than helps you save it. So rather than getting sucked down this rather vicious rabbit hole, I’ve decided to take a step back and block out all the tactics, hacks, and tools.

It isn’t that they aren’t valuable and it is not that the tools themselves don’t matter. They do.

But none of it means a damn unless you get clear on WHY you give a damn in the first place.

That’s what this article is about. Not the tools or any particular app or piece of tech. Instead, we’re switching gears so we can look at the bigger picture—the main areas AI will help you take your personal productivity to exciting new heights.

From your health to mindset, personal growth to professional development … I have five ways AI will positively impact your personal productivity. But before we get to those, we first need to get clear on why being a productive person matters in the first place.

Boosting Productivity with AI — at home

Does productivity matter in a future where AI and tech do more and more of the work?

On the one hand, no. As AI advances and takes more off our plate, the pressure to make the most of your time diminishes. You’ll have more of it, so where’s the harm in wasting it…

Then again, we’re arguably entering a period where time itself becomes more important than ever. Why? Because soon we’ll see just how precious our time is.

When you’re caught up in the hustle, constantly moving from one task to the next, you have little time to think. Whereas once you reclaim some of this time, you’re able to let those thoughts marinate. That inner voice of yours gets heard. Your real desires become apparent. Your creativity and the realest parts of your self become known.

So sure, AI may provide us with an abundance of time. And at first glance, we can waste this without worry. There will, after all, be more than we know what to do with. Yet our appreciation of time will rise. This is exciting and in true alignment with the [no hustle] philosophy.

Not to generate more time for the sake of it, but to be more present and appreciative of it.

In short, to make the moments you have count!

So with all this in mind, let’s dive into a few different ways AI will positively impact your personal productivity. The clearer you are on this now, the sooner you can take advantage.

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    1: The Rise of *Truly* Personalized Advice

    The moment the internet was switched on, the world forever changed.

    It didn’t happen all at once, of course. It took time to speed up and build momentum, but the overarching ethos of the online world was to connect us; with each other and to knowledge.

    It’s an incredible privilege most of us have access to.

    With a swipe of a finger, we can access almost anything we need.

    An answer to just about any question we can ask is out there waiting for us to find it.

    But there lies the problem because there’s a lot of “stuff” that gets in the way.

    Articles. Videos. Podcasts. Opinions. Our brains simply cannot filter through it all.

    So we get overwhelmed, which forces us into inaction.

    or at the very least, leads us to waste a lot of time searching here, there, and everywhere.

    AI will help us in this regard. It isn’t held back by a human brain with human limitations. It can filter through the noise, giving us access to what we need in an efficient manner.

    More so, it will soon get to know us in ways we cannot yet fathom.

    That’s scary as hell, there is no doubt—and the potential repercussions are large. Still, it does mean we aren’t far removed from AI giving us personalized information without us having to ask. Such personalized advice allows us to access the answers we need, not with broad and wayward questions, but the specific ones we need to ask right here, right now.

    2: Improved Decision-Making

    With more personalized, relevant, and specific advice, our overall decision-making benefits.

    This is a big deal because we are but the decisions we do (and do not) make!

    Each day, we face thousands of decisions. Some large, many small. Yet each one comes with a consequence, altering the path we are on—as well as those around us.

    Often, we don’t have the time to step back and reflect on each potential choice. We act and choose in the moment, doing our best to navigate the chaos that is life.

    As AI advances and gets to know us better, the likelihood of us making better, more informed decisions improve. We’ll access greater information; more specific and relevant info that helps us in the here and now. On its own, this may not make a huge difference. Yet when you stack these decisions up, the transformation quickly becomes apparent.

    3: Streamlined Communication

    Communication is important. If you add up all the time you spend each day on texts, emails, small talk, and everything else that falls under the umbrella of communication, it stacks high.

    Some of this communication is important and we wouldn’t want to delegate it to a bot.

    Yet much of it is redundant, at least in part.

    Take an email chain or a text thread, for instance… 

    It starts small, but can quickly run on and on over several hours. Some of the stuff in it matters and is relevant to you. Other aspects aren’t. If AI can cut down on some of this so we don’t have to DO all the work, it saves us countless hours of stress and frustration.

    We’re already seeing this…

    Predicative text, for instance, saves us precious minutes by filling in gaps based on what the algorithm *thinks* we want to say. This is sure to become more sophisticated, better knowing what we want and need to say without our involvement.

    It isn’t to say AI will take over and do everything for us. After all, it’s important human communication remains human. But if it can cut down on at least some of the steps, it frees us up to spend our time more wisely—going deeper into the conversations we do have.

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    b4: More Focus, More Often

    You, my friend, are human. We have that in common.

    You’re beautiful and wonderful, yet also limited in so many ways.

    Your focus being one of the aspects of you with a hard count.

    Once it’s spent, it is spent. You can try and keep going, but the return on the investment dwindles real fast.

    It’s made all the harder with all the various tasks we have to do each day. Small tasks. Annoying ones. Those we don’t want to do and simply will not have to in the near future.

    Soon, various technologies will take care of the unessential aspects of life. Those small annoying tasks will become part of the past, meaning we have more time to focus on what we need to. This is great news because the more focus we have, the better.

    The work we do need to do improves. The conversations we do have to have will, too.

    In short, we can put more effort and attention into the aspects of life that matter.

    5: Boosting Productivity with AI by Reducing Overwhelm

    I imagine you’ve noticed we live in an overwhelming world.

    We have access to so many people and things it’s hard to know what to do.

    So, more often than not, we turn a blind eye and distract ourselves with social media, TV, endless scrolling, and whatever else. We know it won’t help and we know we shouldn’t do it. 

    But the alternative is just too overwhelming (and stimulating), so we kick it down the road.

    Future me can figure it out! … we say.

    AI, in part, certainly adds to this overwhelm with its endless addition of more.

    But it can also reduce much of the overwhelm by acting as a more sophisticated filter—one far more advanced and prepared than our mushy and slowly evolved mind.

    Soon, AI will give us the information we need, when we need it. Only the content we need. Only the news … tasks … choices … options …

    We’ll still have to do the *thing* but doing so won’t feel as overwhelming because there won’t be as much white noise surrounding us. AI will protect us from it; act as a shield.

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    Boosting Productivity with AI — at home & at work

    When I first thought about all this and whether boosting productivity with AI would help or hinder… worry and anxiety consumed me. As with most of the technology in recent times, I feared AI would add to the overwhelm.

    Yet the more I thought, the more I realized AI could be our savior in this regard.

    There are dangers, of course, and there will be temptations that suck us into the hustle. AI will add to this chaos, there is no doubt.

    Yet it also offers a helping hand in many, many ways.

    When it comes to boosting productivity with AI … I’m excited. Soon, we’ll be able to leverage AI tools to not only reclaim more time but to give time itself greater value.

    Because let’s face it… most of us take time for granted.

    Not because we don’t value it and see how precious it is, but rather because we simply do not have the time to step back, reflect, and appreciate what’s in front of us. AI will give us this gift.

    In fact, it already is.

    We’ve focused on personal productivity here … to explore boosting productivity with AI in a more professional setting, you may like to read this accompanying article.

    There’s a lot of overlap, but also a few key differences.

    What’s important right now is for you to bring the focus on you and your situation.

    AI already has a positive impact on your personal productivity. From predictive text messaging to algorithm-driven newsfeeds, it saves you time each day and gives you access to what you need. Yet I also imagine it takes as much as it gives.

    That’s just how technology and its role in hustle culture goes.

    So get clear on the role AI currently plays in your world — the good and the bad.

    From there, double down on what you like and leverage the flow of new AI tools to save time, reduce stress, and increase productivity. But also shine a light on what you don’t like!

    Maybe this means removing certain apps from your phone or placing new routines into your day to put a halt to a few bad habits. Do this now and you set yourself up to be one of the mighty few that thrive as the AI explosion continues to rise high into the sky.

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